Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

You can now experience the most undetectable and innovative hair replacement system. We’ve ever produced. The HD Skin is so thin and realistic that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish from your scalp when it’s attached.

Undetectable Hairline

At just 0.03mm, the HD Skin is one of the thinnest bases on the market. Our unique v-loop ventilation and recoloring processes will make it look like it’s growing right out of your scalp. Add in our high-definition hairline, graduated density and unique color blending and you’re sure to get the most realistic and natural look possible. And, as with any system from Cosmo Legacy, it’s cut and styled to your specifications making it ready to wear right out of the box!

HD Skin Product Hair

Innovative Attachment

Attachment couldn’t be easier with our patent pending delivery system. Your HD Skin system comes pre-glued and ready to attach. Simply open the box, remove your system, peel off the silicone mold and attach.


Why Bother?

As a typical man enters his thirties and forties, his hair abandons ship, never to return. Subtle changes occur in this man’s universe. He gets less enthusiastic help from retail store assistants and waitresses. He can hang out un-noticed in nightclubs. He becomes one of the people he himself used to ignore.

The Front Hairline
The line where the forehead ends and the hair starts is the area that gives away a bad hairpiece. If you can hold back your hair and remain undetected, your hairpiece is a good one. Regardless of which kind of base you have chosen, a see-through front is essential for this effect. Remember, people with real hair have very uneven hairlines. The hairline of a good hairpiece should never be too straight! Some units have a stronger Polyurethane front and a few hairs “undervented” (coming from underneath) to disguise the edge. This isn’t nearly as convincing as a see-through front but it’s more robust.

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